Bright Compass: A Human Resources Consulting Firm for Progressive Campaigns

The #MeToo movement has shown that there is much work still to be done to end workplace harassment on campaigns and in progressive spaces.Progressive candidates frequently champion workers’ rights, fair labor practices, and the importance of diversity on the campaign trail, while failing to provide even basic human resources support to their own campaign staff. Bright Compass is here to change that because you can't have a winning campaign when your staff is losing.  


Sexual harassment occurs in every industry, and the campaign industry is no exception. It’s time to take a deep-dive into the inequalities that keep victims silent and how to prevent these unwanted actions today, tomorrow, the next day, and every day.
— Cartney McCracken, Founder of Control Point Group
We need all of our political institutions to be held accountable for ending a culture that has tolerated sexual harassment for too long.
— Chris Kennedy, Former Candidate for Governor of Illinois
You have a lot of young passionate people who want to help change the world through Democratic politics. Older Democratic operatives see this passion and exploit it, putting us in an extremely stressful and unhealthy work environment.
— Lilian Adams, Former Campaigner for Hillary Clinton