Bright Compass: A Human Resources Consulting Firm for Progressives

The #MeToo movement has shown that there is much work still to be done to end workplace harassment on campaigns and in progressive spaces. Progressive candidates frequently champion workers’ rights, fair labor practices, and the importance of diversity on the campaign trail, while failing to provide even basic human resources support to their own staff.

Bright Compass is here to change that because you can't have a winning campaign when your staff is losing.  

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“The Democratic Governors Association was proud to proactively partner with Bright Compass to ensure our employee policies and trainings protect our employees in every way possible.

Ally and Dallas are truly committed experts in building a supporting environment within prominent campaigns and startup companies and we leaned on their years of experience working directly within intense, high-stress environments to make sure our internal policies and trainings were on the leading edge of the Democratic community.

Their unique approaches, which dealt with challenging topics and conversations, managed to put our staff at ease. Their training was designed to not only prevent sexual harassment, but also to respond appropriately should it ever occur. Our organization is better for it, and we’d highly recommend Bright Compass to any organization or Democratic campaign interested in making sure their own anti-harassment trainings and policies are a priority and developed and implemented in a thoughtful, accountable way.”

Meghan Meehan-Draper

National Finance Director, Democratic Governors Association